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"Save the Date" May 1, 2025! NDP is always the first Thursday of May! 

    In 1952 Congress established an annual day of prayer; and, in 1988, that law was unanimously amended by Congress designating the National Day of Prayer as the first Thursday of May!  

Our Macon Public Observance for the next National Day of Prayer is

Midday Event  Noon-12:30 p.m.  Rosa Parks Square

Across from Macon-Bibb Gov't. Center 700 Poplar Street



For you are my lamp, O Lord, and my God lightens my darkness. For by You I can run against a troop, and by my God I can leap over a wall. This God—His way is perfect; the word of the Lord proves true; He is a shield for all those who take refuge in Him. 2 Sam. 22:29-31   In the timeline for 2025 NDP Theme, chosen by NDP TAsk Force, it will be put on our website!

The Macon NDP Observance is known as an annual day of COMMUNITY UNITY!  The 2024 NDP Public Event Flier, currently on our website until 2025 one is ready (probably late Jan.), is detailed to give much information, including our good logistics help of Parking Partnerships with different church denonminations & Hart's Mortuary!  Time to have our Macon NDP Public Event of Noon-12:30 allows for many making the commitment to demonstrate, with their physical presence, the great significance of this one day of the entire year!  Certain traditional Program Parts & Participants emphasize the range of proven aspects for a stirring, memorable Program & unity of ages, denominations, needs for prayer!  Near Program's start Central High Jr. ROTC Color Guard does "Presentation of the Colors".  Then Student Groups, playing a big role as our next generation, lead everyone in "The Pledge of Allegiance" right from where they are standing in picturesque, & accommodating, Rosa Parks Square.  Our Macon Mayor presents his Mayor's NDP Proclamation.  Since the NDP Task Force identified the "7 Centers of Influence in America" & encouraged NDP events include "7 Citizens to Pray for the 7 Centers", our Macon Observance has done so, even keeping to their usual order for "Government, Military, Media, Business, Education, Church, and Family".  Local Pastors of different denominations have 3 Program Parts: the first part to start of praying the Invocation; as the year's Speaker; & the last NDP's Speaker leading everyone to read together the year's Nat'l. Prayer from NDP Task Force (on printed Programs). 

Our website has a lot of information for helping to grow our next NDP participation!  We want many to commit to demonstrate, with their physical presence at our Public Event, the importance & power of corporate prayer & the best HOPE that is in GOD!!  A renewed emphasis is to identify from all churches within their congregations a Church Coordinator (CC), or from larger churches more than one!  CCs promote NDP AND the Monthly Prayer "the founding fathers" of Macon's NDP Observance also wanted!  2nd Wed. Prayer Fliers are on our local website for copying, sharing so that the power of corporate prayer is calling out the names to God, using the Printed Prayer Guide, of Local, State, and National Elected and Appointed Government Officials!  CC Page is great helps & gives info for NDP Commitee CC Leader, James Lewis!  

 In this age of technology & in our partnership between our Macon NDP Committee & our good, local Christian TV station, WGNM, God blessed during the Pandemic we did not miss having our Macon NDP!  For those 2 years it could be virtual to be broadcast & livestream for being part of it all over the world, figuring to one's time zone!  To think of military & missionaries seeing was another evidence of God's amazing & unlimited enabling!  WGNM TV is much appreciated for years of recording our Macon NDP Programs so we can put them on our local website for seeing & hearing until the next year's Program!


Macon '24 NDP Midday Public Event Speaker Roosevelt Glover

 Pastor of The Bridge Church, Macon

Hello, everyone! I am both honored and excited to be this year's National Day of Prayer speaker. Serving as the Prison Fellowship Prison Ministry Manager for the state of Georgia has been a deeply enriching experience, allowing me to connect with remarkable individuals throughout our vibrant state. My journey to this role started in the corridors of correctional facilities as a prison chaplain, a position I held with dedication for more than two years, in addition to my meaningful tenure as a hospice chaplain. During my time as a chaplain, I encountered profound moments, especially amid lockdowns, where I provided inmates with spiritual and motivational reading materials, including Christian sports content. These opportunities allowed me to share faith and hope, encouraging many to view life from a refreshed perspective. A particularly rewarding aspect of my work was facilitating the reconnection of incarcerated men with their families, fostering healing and reconciliation.

On a personal note, I come from the heartwarming town of Sparta, GA, which bears a nostalgic resemblance to the setting of the TV show "In the Heat of the Night." Sparta, and more specifically the area known as Blue Bottom where I grew up, holds a special place in my heart, echoing the communal essence of the show's backdrop.

Family is the cornerstone of my life. I am a proud father to my daughter, Queshia Glover Fortner, a dedicated social worker with 33 years of service, and a doting grandfather to three wonderful grandchildren. My family's narrative is graced with a miraculous testament to faith; ex-wife, Asia Alexander Glover, was diagnosed with severe endometriosis, casting doubts on our hopes for children. Yet, through faith and dreams, we were blessed with our son, David Jeremiah Glover. Born against the odds on January 13, 2008, David has triumphed over significant health challenges, including open heart surgery and high-functioning autism, embodying the divine gift his name signifies - "beloved" and "sent by God."

My spiritual journey led me to Macon, GA, in December 1999, where I joined the Lundy Chapel Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor Anthony Q. Corbett. This path culminated in my calling to pastor at Evergreen Baptist Church of Macon, now renamed The Bridge Church of Macon. Our mission expanded, founding additional congregations in Sparta and McDonough, GA, underlining our commitment to bridging communities through faith.


Academically, I am adorned with an honorary doctorate from Saint Thomas Christian University in Jacksonville, Florida, and hold a degree from Beulah Heights University in Atlanta. My professional life is diverse, encompassing roles as a certified life coach, chaplain, pastor, and president of the Middle Georgia Life Coaching Network.

My passion for nurturing faith and encouragement manifests through daily morning devotions, a practice I initiated two years ago, offering spiritual upliftment from Monday to Friday between 5:45 and 6:00 AM. I am also venturing into authorship, currently penning a book and co-authoring "The Shift: Seeking Heaven's Involvement for Transition" alongside fellow leaders.

Guided by the conviction that life's essence lies in fulfilling our divine assignments, I find solace and purpose in John 17:4, which articulates the accomplishment of God-given tasks with utmost diligence. This belief in recognizing and executing both our long-term and immediate assignments, even if it's as simple as offering a blessing, has been a guiding principle in my life. Inspired by my mentor, Dr. Christopher Bowen, I am motivated by the notion that only a small fraction of us truly live within our ordained purpose, and I am humbled to consider myself among that 5%.

As we gather in prayer and reflection, I invite you to ponder, "Are you fulfilling your true assignment?"

                                                 May 2, 2024 National Day of Prayer Macon Observance Midday Program                   

                              Recorded by Macon's WGNM Christian TV CTN Christian Televison Network

For the 2024 National Day of Prayer Task Force Nat'l. Observance, go to the national website





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